This is where I'll post general wildlife and outdoor photos regardless of where they are taken.

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Rick Larson from Powell writes: Rough-Legged Hawk photo's were taken between Powell and Cody on Dec. 15, 2012. He was eating on a road-kill deer.

Rick Larson from Powell writes: I took these sheep pictures on the North Fork of the Shoshone River on Dec 15 2012.

Steve Simpson of Lander submits this picture of the setting sun over Lander during the fires of July 2012.


Daryl Watson submitted these photos of an elk herd south of Rawlins taken by Darrin Byrd.

Howard Slack from Riverton took these goat photos near Alpine Wyo. These were taken thru a Swarovski spotting scope with a Olympus fe-340 camera attached to the scope.


Robert Bond writes: The eagle was on the Wyoming Montana border, and the deer was on Baldwin Creek Rd. near Lander.

Bruce Gallinger provides some excellent photos!

A very interesting series of photos from a cam set up reportedly in the Dubois area of Wyoming.  Any other info?

Boysen Reservoir, Jan. 30 2011, with storm blowing in down the canyon. Submitted by Nathan Smith.


Daryl Watson from Riverton writes: A few pictures of the snake I saw last weekend east of Riverton in the Gas Hills.

Steve Simpson from Lander writes: Here is a picture of a visitor we had in our neighborhood last week!

Earl Edwards captured these photos of a "fresh shed" buck in Thermopolis in February 2011.

My nephew, Alex with a couple of "hawg" brookies caught in Montana in the summer of 2011.

Wade Appelhans captured this photo o fan elk calf on Indian Ridge in May of 2010.  Calf was left undisturbed.

Colorado new Pope and Young record bull shot in Colorado. Private land (no fence). 459 gross net.

 My nephew Nate writes: Hunting buddy Tyson with a crazy speeder, and a bear he got while stalking rutting elk in sept. Brother Alex and his biggest whitey to date. I was lucky enough to get a bull elk this year.


Brandon O'Brien sent a few pics of lions from around southeast WY

Taylon Berry took this photo of a lion glaring out from a cave near Kaycee, Wy. December 2009

Wyoming Game and Fish photos of elk and deer near Baggs, December 2010.


Sunset from the top of Crooks Mountain. Couple of nice bucks.
  Photos by Daryl Watson of Riverton.


A 450 pound female made the track by the Size 11 boot.  Teton Park in May. In April this photo of wolf tracks was reported as taken along the Loop Road.  Photos submitted by Jim Bath.

Some nice antlers collected by J. Kimsey.


Becky Shepard submitted these photos....a rattler near Boysen Reservoir and a moose near Worthen Meadows above Lander.


Glendo Sunrise and Sunset January 2010  Photos by Mitch Horning.

Heather Lemm, daughter-in-law of Doug and Marla Lemm owners of the Good Place in Lander, Wy., with her best so far.  Winnemuca, NV. October 2009.

Gage Lemm, grandson of Doug and Marla Lemm of the Good Place in Lander, and his proud father with Gage's best ever.  Winnemuca, NV. October 30, 2009.

Samples from Neelon Crawford of Pavillion.

A recent mountain goat sighting in the Wind River Range has piqued the interest of Game and Fish officials. To the knowledge of biologists responsible for the area, this is the first confirmed sighting of a mountain goat in the Wind River Mountains.  Katie Mortenson of Pinedale encountered the animal while waiting on her companions near Fremont Peak on Saturday, August 22nd.


Jalon Berry captured these bulls in the Big Horn Mountains in February 2009.

Jim Woolsey writes: Pics from my trail cams somewhere in Wyoming.

These photos were submitted by Rick Larson.  Golden Eagle photo was taken on the North Fork of the Shoshoni River.  Bald Eagle on the Nowood River.  The rough-legged hawk near Powell.  The immature owls photo was taken north of Powell.  Great Horned Owl and American Kestrel round out the collection.  Thanks Rick!

Clint Atkinson from Mills writes:  I am a 19 year old Wildlife Biology major in Casper College.  I have had the knowledge of this snake den near property that I grew up on.  I decided I should share the view with everyone.


Kerry Maughan writes: This was a real battle on a very steep slope. To the winner goes the spoils!


Apparently this huge muley was photographed on a reservation near Vernal, Utah.

My son Bryan and Grandson Tyler with Bryan's Upper Peninsula buck. November 08.

Dennis Lawrence submitted this great photo of a buck leaping over a fence.  Taken November 13th.

Bruce Gallinger submitted this photo of a black bear in a tree along the North Fork of the Popo Agie near Lander.  Had been eating apples all night Septmeber 10th.

Randy Tucker took this photo in his hayfield just east of Riverton in September.

Some Bull Elk pay a visit to Helena, Montana.  Thanks Michael!

These elk are said to have appeared in Rock Springs.  Thanks Bro!

Marty Beckers writes: I got lucky with this pic-This is at the Visitors Center in Sinks Canyon State Park.

Steve Simpson from Lander writes: Here are a couple of pictures I took in Lander. These deer were across the street from North Elementary School. I took these July 15 at 11:00 in the morning. 


Bryan Seghetti from Evansville with sunset photos at Boysen last summer.

Some bucks relaxing in my brother Dick's back yard in Casper. February 2008.

Here's a photo of my nephew Terry Endsley from Newberry, Michigan with his first walleye.  21" long, caught through the ice on January 15th.  Big Manistique Lake, tip-up with minnow.

These are pictures of an actual polar bear attack in Churchill, Manitoba & were taken while people watched and did nothing to stop it!  Reports from the local newspaper say that the victim will make a full recovery. 


Photo's of fish caught on the Eel River out of a drift boat. Mike Gibson, Sacramento, Ca.


My son Bryan and Grandson Tyler from Rudyard, Michigan with Bryan's muzzleloader kill in early December.  Attempts to remove 'red-eye' resulted in a cross-eyed buck!

  This cat was photographed by Warner Glenn, a rancher/guide based out of Douglas, AZ. These photos were taken while on a lion hunt in the Animas Mtns in Hildago County, NM - (not Anton Chico as has been reported). The rancher knew better than to shoot an endangered species, and he instead photo'd the magnificent cat. In addition to being a lion hunter, Glenn is involved in the protection of the jaguar. After spanking several of his dogs (the cat could have easily bitten through their heads and killed them), the cat trotted off. He did not run, Mr. Glenn said. He was not afraid of anything. Later he estimated that the jaguar, by the look of his teeth, was eight or nine years old and weighed nearly 200 pounds. Mr. Glenn named the cat Border King. Glenn has seen two jags in NM, the first of which, several months later, was shot by a federales police officer in Mexico, 30 miles from the United States border. Submitted by JR.

Cave Falls in the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park.  Photo by my brother, Ron Rintamaki from Boulder, Montana. July 2000.

Ted Hagen from White Post, Va. writes: I am originally from Hot Springs S D.  I left in 1968 but my folks stayed there and I now own my Dads' house after he passed away.  Since 1968, a lot of folks have moved in, they don't know any difference, so they started feeding the deer and now the town has a population of deer that won't leave.  Here is a nice buck that I took a picture of about 4 blocks away from my house in fall of 2006.  He was resting in the same yard on 2 different days when I took his pic.

Doug Lemm from "The Good Place" in Lander captured these rams on film in late September in the Lander area.

Local photographer Kevin Eilbeck caught this  along the fish hatchery in Rapid City SD. Submitted by Ted Hagen.

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